Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is camera-ready artwork?

A. Camera-ready artwork is a digital document that is ready to be printed and no editing is needed.

Q. Do I have to design my own artwork?

A. No you do not have to design your own artwork. Our talented staff of graphic designers can design a custom piece for you.

Q. Can you accept my artwork?

A. Yes we can accept camera-ready artwork. Preferred files include a high resolution PDF with 1/8" bleeds or packaged InDesign files. 

Q. How does a customer submit files? 

A. Customers can submit files a multitude of ways that includes email attachment or zip files at a max of 30 MB, a link via hightail, google docs, CD/DVD, or flash drive.

Q. How can I get an project estimate? 

Q. What is the best resolution and file format to submit photos and graphics?

A. Please call 606.329.8383, email or stop by 101 Armco Blvd., Ashland, Kentucky, Monday through Friday 9 am -5 pm.

A. 300 DPI jpg, tiff, or png. 

Q. What is your standard turnaround time? 

A. Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 days. A custom time line will be provided for large runs, projects with special bindery and large mailings. We do accommodate specific date requests and are known for our quick turnaround!

Q. Do you offer delivery?

A. Yes, we deliver within 20 miles and can ship anywhere in the United States.

Q. Is there a minimum print quantity?

A. No

Q. What is a bleed?

A. Bleed is printing that goes beyond the edge where the sheet will be trimmed.

Q. What should the bleed area be for my file?

A.  Standard bleed area is .125 inches on each side. Remember to leave room for cutting.

Q. What are crop marks?

A. Crop marks are thin lines at the corner of the artwork that indicate where to trim the finished piece.

Q. What is Variable Data Printing?

A. Variable Data Printing is a form of customizable digital printing. Using information from a database or external file, text and graphics can be changed on each piece without stopping or slowing down the press. For example, personalized letters can be printed with a different name and address on each letter. Without question, digital printing offers the most affordable way to customize marketing materials, direct mail pieces, letters, etc.

Q. Can you mail my postcards, brochures, etc. if I send you a mailing list?

A. Yes, please provide your lists in EXCEL spreadsheet with each field in its own column. We can also accept your .csv file, each field in its own column.

Q. Can you use my mail permit and mail from your location?

A. We can print your mailing permit on the mail piece and process the job for mailing. However, if your permit is held at a different post office the mailing must be dropped at that post office.

Q. What type of file format does my mailing list need to be in?

A. EXCEL or .csv with each field in its own column.

Q. Can you help me target and mail to prospective customers?

A. Yes, we can target based on geographic location or a number of demographics including gender, age, household income, education level, etc. We can advise demographics based on the subject matter and audience.

Q. What is first-class mail?

A. First-class mail is used for postcards, letters, envelopes, and small packages. First-class mail must weigh 13-ounces or less and is given delivery priority over standard mail.

Q. My organization is a nonprofit, does that mean we get a nonprofit postage rate?

A. In order to receive a nonprofit postage rate your organization must register with the USPS as a legal nonprofit. Even if you have a nonprofit status for tax purposes, etc, you must be registered with USPS as nonprofit to qualify for nonprofit postage.

Q. What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

A. EDDM is a program that was created by the USPS to help businesses reach new and existing customers – without a mailing permit or mailing list. It is frequently used to reach entire zip codes, specific postal routes, and delivers to every residential mailbox within a defined geographic region.

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